Storage advice

Our onion sets and shallots are kept under optimal storage conditions right up to the moment of dispatch. However, the quality of the produce will deteriorate if it is not handled correctly during loading, transport and on arrival. We advise using climate-conditioned vehicles to avoid temperature fluctuations during transport which could cause condensation. Good ventilation and the shortest possible transit time are very important.

On arrival the produce should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated and frost-free storage unit, preferably in ventilated crates. It is also important to keep the time between the arrival of the plants and planting as short as possible.

This advice is given to remind you that onion sets and shallots are subject to decay. Unexpected quality losses occurring after the time of loading are for the buyer’s account and risk. Broer B.V. cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect handling during loading, transport and unloading on arrival.

We also advise you to instruct the transport company/driver to check the transport documents for correctness.